Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lack of restraint is a complaint of those around me

Guess where that's from. Dont worry if you dont know it.

This is basically an update post of all the things I forgot to remember.

Sean moved back in with his mom. Dont worry hes always going to be family. Adam (oldest brother) is coming back from florida in two days and then is going to basic training. Diego (twin brother) got caught ditching school and skipping classes, and he failed english. Tino is going to a chorus camp for talented singers from our county, so hes happy. Um what else...?

ahhh big news. Im starting school tomorrow. But Im going to talk about that tomorrow...

"Lack of restraint is a complaint of those around me" I need better self control and maybe I wont make so many enemies (or at least think before I do things). So theres this one old guy who walks his poodle around. I dont know his name. He doesnt like me, something about breaking a fence. Which I actually didnt do. I did not break the fence. So anyway I was trying to be nice to him and I said, "Hi poodle guy!" and he stopped and looked at me and shook his head no. Then I was like shit... did I really just say that?
So yeah I didnt manage to make him dislike me any less : /

The moral of the story: Think BEFORE you speak.

The titles from bad religion- cant stop it

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