Sunday, February 22, 2009

I feel like shit but at least I feel something

haha titles from in flames- disconnected

Ive been trying something new. And no Im not talking about drugs or anything lol... Im trying to do the right thing. Im making a concious effort to do the right thing. Im actually starting to think before I do things. And I decide if what I was about to do was the right thing or not. And if its not I actually DONT do it. Like I told my mom I would be outside. She said, "stay in the area and no woods" so I say ok. Then I leave and what do I do? I go into the woods. So Im walking through the path in the woods and I start to think "wow did I do the right thing? I said I wouldnt be in here..." and then I thought about it and figured out I didnt do the right thing, so I turned around and left the woods. That is a hell of an improvement. Sometimes like the woods thing I forget about doing the right thing, but im getting better at remembering.

On saturday my mom had college classes at 9 am and then after that she had to go to work until 2:30 am the next day. So she was freaking busy. And she also had an errand to do so I said I would do it. I thought it was the right thing to do. So me and my brother run the errand which was delivering flowers to people who lived about half a mile away. So me and my brother walk there and give them the flowers, and then we walk to the park which is two miles away from there. We were at the park and met a drunk homeless person, who was very ummm obscene lol. So we left and then went to our school track which was two miles away from there. When we got there we just played with a football and ran around the track. And we got tired so we started walking home (2 miles away). So were walking down the street and a cop car goes by and he knows us (me and my brother have ran from him before) and I wave to him and he looks at me and shakes his head no. And it pissed me off i was like seriously next time im going to flip you off, thats why i run from you youre not a nice person. But I was happy soon after because I waved at some random car and the guy puts his hand like a gun and shots me. So i laughed. Anyway we ended up walking/running 8-10 miles. And I got home and took a shower and then went to the movies with my brother and some friends. I got really hyped up on sugar and we had mall security following us. Freaking stalkers lol... So saturday was amazing but I think Im sick today and physically tired.I havent done anything active like that in a long time my bodys not used to it. So my body hurts but Im not complaining because I would rather feel pain than not feel anything lol know taht reminds me of teh song pain- three days grace. I havent cut or overdosed at all this weekend so Im happy. :]

you make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe


  1. Wow! Good job Andrea! Keep it up! This life's better for you. Thinking helps boost up awareness of things around you.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of your life this way. ^_^

  2. I'm so happy for you, Andrea! ^_^ Stay happy!

  3. Hey.
    I know I haven't commented in a while.
    I hope everything works out for you.
    Exercise is good.