Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have overdosed on a lot of different things with a lot of different results. Sometimes I get a buzz, stoned, high, completely out of it, wasted. Ive been finding out different pill combinations, to get the feeling I want. Depending on if I want to be stoned, high, or have a buzz, or whatever. The combination Im using right now isnt very good lol. Well it gets me high for a little while. But it doesnt last as long as I want it to. So I just overdose again when I feel myself starting to come down. I just wish the bad side effects didnt last so long. Usually I sleep through them because the pills interact with my other medicine to make me sleepy, but i stopped taking my medicine. so yeah... Okay i dont know if Im making any sense. I overdosed and my brain's not really work. I taste blood, I feel like Im going to throw up, my heads killing me, the fucking rooms spinning... and my body isnt really doing what I tell it to do. (typing is difficult)

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