Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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  1. i stumbled here by accident, but was taken by the blunt manner of speaking that reminds me of my own thoughts and feelings when i was only a few years younger than i am now...

    it'll mean nothing to see this message from a stranger, sitting in another place, in another time, far removed from your world as you are from mine... but everything you've been through, and gone through, and everything that has happened to you is what makes you YOU.

    and you seem very special, even from a few posts, every now-and-again.

    the way you feel about other people, it's natural. for those of us who see the dark at such a young age, it changes the world we view. there is no way to hide the darkness, but we learn to confront it and eventually overcome it...

    your intelligence and courage to carry on is your true strength and i don't think you should ever be ashamed of it.
    these are the qualities which make for the best kinds of people; from the darkest nights shine the brightest stars.

    i hope you are well, i hope you are smiling, i hope you take life by your hands and lead it into a beautiful future.

    you are never alone.
    you are never unwanted.
    you are never lost.
    you are never nobody.
    you are just looking for answers, as so few people do nowadays, and you should be proud of that.

    Good Luck
    x x x